Thanks for stopping by.  Dan O’Beirne, founder of MetabolicMotivation (MetMo) here.  

Helping people master their metabolism & motivation to look, feel & be their best is my passion. Thing is despite all the thousands of scientific studies that come out monthly, most people are more confused than ever.

Often times, it seems we can’t see the forest because of the trees. But for most people, leveraging a few simple lifestyle habits based on how you think, eat, move, and sleep can make a world of difference….And guess what, for many people, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. But make no mistake, it will require some dedication, some time and some changes.

Funny thing, when you get noticeable results quickly, your motivation grows and it gets easier. Now, if you want to know more about my own personal story & health challenges, and a medieval castle connection. read on.

In the early (pre-digital dark ages) 1990s wellness education & coaching were my fields. In 1998, I made a change, founding and helping run an exciting active cultural travel biz . In 2013 I have relaunched my wellness biz in the digital world to help people to live better, happier, healthier lives with both primal health strategies, positive psychology and modern bio-hacks.

Yet a few years ago, I was in downward spiral as my libido, memory, energy, muscle mass  and motivation ALL seemed to be going downhill fast while I was gaining body fat. I could not understand it, despite my decades of what I thought were optimal “100% healthy low-fat living and cardio exercise”.

After consulting with numerous medical doctors, I was 

offered….surprise, medications. They suggested I try some drugs for ADD, or anti-depression, or maybe HRT ( testosterone), among other things. No way, I was not satisfied at treating these symptoms. I decided to look for causes and real solutions.

This led me to “go back to school”and dive deep into cutting-edge medical, evolutionary health,  nutrition science, exercise physiology, toxicology, positive psychology and other science research. I also read hundreds of books and blogs from world class health experts. My goal was to find their applied science, their own real world strategies to regain mental and physical vitality by dealing with root causes. My future wife joked with me that I was now the “Sherlock Holmes of health”.  :->

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has gotten the results you want and copy what they do to achieve the same results.”

– Anthony Robbins

I had long ago learned from the experience of clients and family, that with chronic health problems, it was wise to be wary of unscientific quacks who preyed on desperate people. But also to be wary of traditional “disease care” medical model which focuses on medicating symptoms.

After over a year of researching over 1000 medical and health science studies,  trail and error and the insight of doctors and health experts both in Europe and the USA, I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel via a holistic lifestyle approach. More on that in another post.

Screen-shot-2014-08-24-at-14.04.16Luckily, throughout these trials, I was supported by Nuria my beautiful  future wife as I regained my health, vitality and personal power. This led to a fairy tale moment of celebrating our wedding with family and friends in a beautiful medieval castle.

 So you may be wondering what I learned…. The key is to master your metabolism by  “installing” certain lifestyle habits using some basic psychology + the fact that quick lasting results are motivating. More on that in the blog and iTunes web show.


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Check_mark_23x20_02.svg How to implement healthy habits yet still enjoy life

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Check_mark_23x20_02.svg How to reboot motivation & happiness


So to be 100% clear….the secret to losing excess body fat and looking and feeling great is not a new pill, shiny gadget, iPhone app or other tech gizmo. No amigo, the secret is mastering your human operating system….your metabolism with simple yet powerful lifestyle habits. These are based on the current best  21st century health science strategies, my experience coaching others in Europe, the USA and South America, ancient wisdom and common sense..

A confession:  In the 1990s, I worked in and was part of the obesity problem. This was before I opened my eyes & learned to think, because in both health sciences and medical schools, health professionals were taught and used a model “eat less, exercise more” that is wrong. More on that in the blog, Q & A, iTunes podcast and web video show.

“The # 1 factor in your health, wealth, & happiness are the right daily habits, honesty and accountability…. Subtract your age from 76 to start “

– Dan O’Beirne

Yes, many mistakes were made in these fields BUT now we know the truth: Crash diets and over-exercising = a wrecked metabolism and rebound weight gain. Yet many diet/ weigh loss/ fitness businesses even in 2014 still sell these false principles. This is because much of the public and even mass media does not yet recognize the truth so they keep spending more money on a failed system that leaves them fatter, weaker, sicker and poorer.

So getting in shape starts with deprogramming…That means to wising up to psuedo-healthly scams, like soy or no-fat “factory foods” that are packed with sugar. But the biggest scam is the MYTH that weight loss = fat loss. More on that in the blog.

Sadly these deceptive scams happen all around us every day which is why we have so many victims walking around with an extra 25+ pounds of fat. Yep, these scams have been used for decades now to trick honest people who want to be healthy into spending money on scams at expense of their family’s health.

So what about you?… Are you FED UP with getting poor results from your eating & exercise routine?…  despite hours of exercise and eating tons of expensive low fat “diet” foods? Do you ever feel duped after  spending money on weight loss pills, potions, anti-aging creams or spa treatments that do not deliver real results?

You see, if you discover the truth about weight loss you might be shocked….Shocked at how simple (not always easy but simple) it is to master your metabolism. Your metabolism is the key to burn fat and feel healthier and happier than ever. But when you learn how to master your metabolism then guess what?…

Then the weight loss industry loses a customer for life. They prefer to keep you on their unhealthy diet roller coaster for ever. So they can extract money from you with their crazy pills, potions and gizmoos that do not work. It is really a disgusting game of deception as the weight loss industry takes billions from the pockets of hard-working people all over the world  despite NEVER giving you the truth about fat loss and metabolic mastery.

Need some proof?…..The Center for Disease Control states that 2 our of 3 Americans are now overweight/obese.  Many related diseases are more common than ever like diabetes, heart disease, depression, cancer and dementia to name a few. Need more proof?….Just look at the amount of overweight / obese people at any major shopping mall now.

Yet we have more “weight loss” products than ever in human history.…  yet. But because most are scams, more people than ever are gaining fat, getting sicker and sadder. There is a better way, a smarter, healthier and happier way that works with your metabolism NOT against it.

You see, IF you are basically healthy and can follow simple directions about eating, sleeping and exercise for 21 days, I can promise you positive results.

The typical MetMo result  is that people begin to look, feel and perform better in a little as 10 to 15 days. Of course results vary depending on your state of health, age, environment, hormone levels, toxins and attitude when you begin.

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” 

– Wolfgang von Goethe

The MetMo mission  is to empower 1 million people with wellness & anti-aging strategies via our free internet articles, videos, podcast, interviews and our premium MetMo Fat Loss Success coaching program.

IMG_2884So why I am qualified to do this you may want to know?…..Beyond helping people on 3 continents with healthy living, fat loss and wellness since 1992, I have honors bachelor of science degree in Health & Human Performance, post-graduate coursework in psychology and exercise science, and a number of professional certifications. I also have thousands of hours of reading and researching online. More details are below.

I also walk the talk and practice what I preach, yet still have fun too. My work over the last 20+ years has included a variety of settings, goals, and people and gave me a chance to experience much of the weight loss, diet and fitness industries.

Next step?….  Thanks for reading this far. If you are curious about taking control of how you look, feel and perform check out our many free blog post and 2015 expert interview podcast and video web show.

Private Wellness & Fat Loss Coaching?…. If you are really fed up, and motivated to transform  yourself physically  and mentally with new smart lifestyle redesign, lets talk. Truth is I have very limited time for more coaching and so ONLY consider serious people who meet this strict criteria: Are very honest with themselves and others, have a very clear motivation, are open to make changes and are action-takers who desire real lasting results. IF you fit get in touch OK :->

If you still want to know more here is more on our long-winded backstory….

So I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly, from working with NFL & NBA players in Miami, “medical weight loss”, working on a major cruise line, seminars, fat loss & fitness training at hospital-based Wellness Centers in the USA,  food & wine industry consulting in South America and luxury active adventure travel in Europe. My experience has been varied and bilingual. Boredom is my “public enemy #1” so these diverse challenges have been a blast.

A quick personal story:  One of the craziest parts was working in South American food & wine industry.  In Chile, I found myself learning wine insider secrets, while coaching wealthy food, wine and shipping industry executives on English for their trade shows. We became amigos and later I counselled them on fitness and low glycemic nutrition to lose their belly fat, gain energy and feel better.

After that worked, they nicknamed me Metabolism Man, so I got a bunch of calls. Some even wanted to boost their vitality in the boardroom and fertility in the bedroom (most had beautiful younger wives which helped with the motivational aspects for some reason 🙂 On a negative side, was the air pollution in Santiago and a conflict of interest.

“A desire to be in charge of our own lives, a need for control, is born in each of us. It is essential to our mental health, and our success, that we take control.”

– Robert-Foster Bennett

I found myself being asked by food industry execs translate misleading marketing copy from English into Spanish. I began to realize how pervasive the use of half-truths and deception was in the multi-national processed food industry. I needed out and this led me to California  to talk with Backroads Travel Company and then on to Europe.

My new Rode USB Podcaster microphone for MetMo health hero interviews.

In the year 2000, after founding an active luxury adventure travel start-up in Europe, conversations and emails with travel clients and friends often led me to nutrition, fitness and fat loss research to design protocols that worked and did not wreck metabolisms. So I continued to help folks from  with their fitness, nutrition and fat loss goals while on their trips or by leveraging the internet and technology.


With a new streamlined offerings and new team members, I will be dedicating regular time to develop the MetabolicMotivation media platform including expert interviews, podcast, videos, article and special reports. As a 48-year-old American, I have been blessed to have learned a lot about fat loss, health, nutrition, fitness and anti-aging and look forward to sharing with you.Please reach out and let us know your interest!

More on my professional training:  Despite missing classes during
Mardi Gras every year, I was an honors graduate with Bachelor of Science in Health & Physiology, and consulted with
 future NFL Hall of Fame QB Brett Farve while I was on scholarship at the University of Southern Miss. In 1989 I interned in the cardiac rehab program with Wesley Health Systems before working with their medical weight loss program and being later hired as Fitness Director.

In 2015, we will offer a 2 day Wellness & Anti-aging Summit in Miami. In 2016 we plan to offer healthy active travel adventures. Which would you prefer… Caribbean, Latin America and Europe?

Currently we offer a few  spots for our MetMo Fat Loss Success Coaching from $97 per month.  The reason this program is capped at 100 persons is to offer personalized attention to everyone. This will include one-on-one consults, nutrition, motivation and

exercise shortcuts, daily support via a private MetMo member-only forum, weekly videos with Q & A and live MetMo fat loss success summits. This is a 3 month fat loss educational program although some people stay on board longer for the community and support.

My professional certifications include the American College of Sports Medicine HFI, American Council on Exercise and post-graduate courses in diabetic, fat loss and sports nutrition via Yale University and others.

My favorite specialized topics include the psychology of behavioral change, motivation, anti-aging nutrition, anti-aging lifestyle habits, human metabolism, sleep & stress management, mind-body relaxation techniques,  detoxification, wellness & nutrition science and how to burn body fat, gain energy & maintain muscle.  But the most valuable lessons have been in real life, helping real people get real results with real food and better simpler lifestyles.

Now the choice is yours, continue with the same old same old or DECIDE that you deserve more. Life is short so join us for a new educational adventure, that of transforming your body and your health, contact us and begin your journey with a free consult. Imagine how many people you could inspire with your own healthy MetMo transformation.

The Metabolic Motivation adventure will lead you to a new leaner, healthier & happier life to better pursue your passions, whatever they maybe.

Exercise can be fun: After dance class in Spain with Nuria… despite my 2 left feet  :->

Now the choice is yours, continue with the same old same old or DECIDE that you deserve more. Life is short so join us for a new educational adventure, that of transforming your body and your health, contact us and begin your journey with a free consult. Imagine how many people you could inspire with your own healthy MetMo transformation.

The Metabolic Motivation adventure will lead you to a new leaner, healthier & happier life to better pursue your passions, whatever they maybe.