Epigenetics, Metabolism and Longevity News

Epigenetics, Metabolism and Longevity News

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Metabolism, longevity and epigenetics are three of the topics that most interest our readers and and the MetabolicMotivation.com team. These three related topics  effect how we feel, look and perform in the present as well as aging.

The key takeaway for people who are not science geeks is that, contrary to previous theory, your lifestyle effects the way your genetics, your DNA, expresses itself. This means that two identical twins can have major differences in how they look, feel & perform based on their lifestyle and their environmental influences like exposure to chemical toxins or a lack of sunlight.

So even though you have a family history of cancer and heart disease as I do, by optimizing your lifestyle and your exposure to toxins, you have a much better chance that the negative part of your DNA is not activated. Now if you want to go much deeper into some of the latest research on epigenitics read on.

One new area of research is looking at the metabolic intermediate NAD.

Metabolic homeostasis and interventions that influence nutrient uptake are well-established means to influence lifespan . Until recently, the molecular mechanisms explaining such an effect remained scantily understood. Sirtuins are a group of protein deacetylases that depend on the metabolic intermediate NAD+ as a cofactor for their function.

Sirtuins are important in understanding the molecular mechanism of stress response, cell survival, and aging.

It is believed that they sense metabolic stress and  function at multiple levels to exert proper metabolic adaptation. Among other things, sirtuins can induce epigenetic changes to modulate transcription and DNA repair.

Recent studies have indicated that beyond sirtuins, the activity of other chromatin modifiers, might also be tightly linked to the availability of their intermediate metabolite acetyl-CoA. More research is needed in this area.

For more detailed info on current knowledge of the emerging concepts indicating close crosstalk between the epigenetic machineries able to sense metabolic stress, their adaptive metabolic responses and their potential role in longevity see:



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