Kevin Briggs, America´s Suicide Prevention Hero –

Kevin Briggs, America´s Suicide Prevention Hero –

Saving the life of anyone is often heroic, but imagine saving the lives of hundreds of people!….

This interview is not about healthy nutrition, exercise or metabolism per se BUT there is a link….science shows that depression is impacted by unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Saving hundreds of lives by preventing suicides is what our guest today, Kevin Briggs has done over the years as a California Highway Patrol Officer at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge that often attracts distressed people contemplating a dramatic suicide.


He now is sharing his wisdom to help other via a new book
+ providing training and education on Crisis Management, Suicide Intervention, and Leadership Skills.

In the interview talk about his back story, book and work. Kevin has seen the power of compassion, feedback, focus & engagement. Vital people see we feel their pain.

As a member of the CHP for over twenty-three years, with the majority of those years patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge, Sgt. Briggs discovered early that his job required him to take on an unusual role for a police officer: suicide prevention counselor. As a cancer survivor and survivor of multiple heart operations, Briggs’ familiarity with personal struggle bonds him with suicidal men and women.

With simple empathy, an instinct for improvisation and a refusal to walk away, Briggs has negotiated several hundred people from suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge. As he told the SF Chronicle, “I’ve talked to people from ten minutes to seven hours. I very much despise losing. I do whatever I can to get that person back over the rail. I play to win.” Sgt. Briggs retired from the CHP in November 2013.


Lifestyle changes that can help improve depression

    • Exercise. Regular exercise can be as effective at treating depression as medication. …
    • Nutrition. Eating well is important for both your physical and mental health. …
    • Sleep. Sleep has a strong effect on mood. …
    • Social support. …
    • Stress reduction.

It is well documented that lack of sunlight is linked to higher suicide rates in Scandinavia than in Mediterranean Spain or Italy.  That is all I have time for now as coaching calls & videos await.

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KEY areas:  Sleep status, Stress, Sunlight, Social life,  Exercise  & Nutrition…


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