My Secret to Less Stress and More Productivity

My Secret to Less Stress and More Productivity

Metabolic Motivation


What if I could give you an ultra-powerful way to improve your health, energy and productivity?

One that was really simple and that cost nothing….yet can be life-changing  IF you use it?

Well I can, although it takes cojones to implement at first.

See things is, many of us have a habit of saying yes by default to many request.

I sure did until, despite my thick skull, I realized it was part of reason my health, happiness, business, family and love life were declining fast a few years ago.

You see by saying yes too often due to a combination of ego, optimism and wanting to help others, I did not have time to do the most important things. Maybe you can relate?


This decreased my health, wealth, love & happiness

Then one of my entrepreneur friends, suggested I try the 30 Day No Experiment.

This helped me find time to reboot and redesign my daily routine and habits.

Best of all, it is really simple and just four steps:

1) Commit to saying No to every new request by default for 1 month.

2) After a request, use this phrase or create your own:

” Thanks for asking (name)… While I´d love to help, truth is my plate is already full.

So for now, it is will have to be no”

3) IF you decide you really want to include the new project / task / responsibility, then you politely defer the decision until the next month or longer like this: ” While I can ´t add on anything else for now can you check back with me in…”

4) Then IF you decide you really want to include the new project / task / responsibility, then you

MUST remove a current project / task / responsibility from your life.


Here are a 3 quotes to help this sink in.

“Less is more”      –   Unknow

“Very successful people say no to almost everything. You’ve gotta keep control of your time, and you can’t unless you say no. You can’t others set your agenda in life.”       —  Warren Buffett

“If I’m not saying “HELL YEAH!” about something, then say no. No more yes. It’s either HELL YEAH! or no.”                 –  Derek Divers

Ready to join the Just Say No Club for 30 days :-)….       Look forward to you news or questions below.

To your health, success and happiness,



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About the Author : Dan

Discover how I went from Flabby, Fatigued and Frustrated.... Fit, Focused and Feeling Great. DESPITE exotic vacations, great food, 2 businesses, 22 minute workouts & a growing family.

  1. Hayden Kaiser November 29, 2016 at 20:05 - Reply

    This is exactly what I need. Hope I can get motivated. Thanks Danny.

    • Dan December 5, 2016 at 13:34 - Reply

      Hi Hayden, Great to hear from you, thanks! How are you buddy? Let me know if I can help anytime. best, Danny

  2. Joe November 30, 2016 at 20:42 - Reply

    I’m going to try this just as soon as I unravel all the Yeses I’ve already committed to!

    • Dan December 5, 2016 at 13:36 - Reply

      Hi Joe, Great point, the extraction / transition process half the battle! Let me know if I can help anytime. best, Dan

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