Beyond Longevity…. with a Hollywood Age Management Doctor – part 1

Beyond Longevity…. with a Hollywood Age Management Doctor – part 1

As a 51 year old father of a 5 month old baby, my wife and I and most of my clients, are VERY into boosting longevity and sustaining health span or quality of life. The benefits are big: to live well, love longer, make a difference and enjoy the journey with physical, cognitive, emotional vitality + mobility, muscle, mood, libido and wellness…. NOT just the absence of disease or surviving like a lab rat, hooked up to expensive machines that suck your savings and your vitality dry. Don´t forget about epigentics amigos. Your daily habits and environment impact your DNA expression, choose wisely.

That’s why, today we are excited to bring you our interview with one of the USA´s experts on going beyond longevity with innovations of age management medicine and age management lifestyle habits.

Dr Mike Carragher is a Hollywood  age management doctor who uses science-based strategies to help his patients age more slowly and maintain quality of life while also decreasing risk of vitality-robbing chronic diseases.

Get part 1 of our Age Management Expert interview here =>

Dr. Carragher is Board Certified in Family Medicine, with advanced certification in Age Management Medicine. He received his training at New York University, Rutgers University, Yale University and Western University of Health Sciences. After completing his residency, Dr. Carragher worked as an Emergency Room Physician while starting his own private practice. He has been in private practice since 2002.

Dr. Carragher opened The Body Well in 2007 as part of his vision to provide the highest quality health care with a strong emphasis on prevention and well-being. He addresses Age Management from a Four Cornerstones approach: Hormonal Optimization, Nutrition & Nutraceuticals, Intelligent Physical Fitness, and Mental Agility & Emotional Well-Being. To find more on Dr Mike and his Age Management programs 

The Body Well
7235 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

tel: (323) 874-9355
fax: (323) 874-9357

web =>>


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In case you missed the interview with Dr Mike, here it is again:

Feel free to skip the intro by jumping to the interview starting at 2:55.

Talk soon!

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