STOP Reading Diet Books in 2016!

STOP Reading Diet Books in 2016!


You’ve probably seen the old saying “you can tell the success of a man by 
the size of his library”….

I 100% disagree.

IF you want to finally master your metabolism and motivation so you can lose body fat and gain healthy energy in 2016, it has NOTHING to do with the number of diet or fitness books you read….

… has to do entirely with the RIGHT ACTIONS, HABITS and STRATEGIES you use.

In fact, if you just implement our Metabolic Motivation type program as outlined in this blog or….in more detail in our 2016 Metabolic Motivation course, you do not need more information at all.

It includes the best strategies and info from 50+ books and hundreds of studies and experience since 1990.

images-3I will say I do read a book every week BUT as I read in a certain way…..

I take notes with specific action steps or new ideas that can allow me to help others master their metabolism and mindset so they can look, feel and perform their best.
It might be a specific minimalistic exercise routine to check out. Or a new nutrition strategy. Or
a new motivation or mindset idea.


The point is you must ACT on what you learn and not just stockpile knowledge.

Remember you can do all the reading, affirmations and vision boards you want 24/7, but you will

NEVER get new lasting results……

until you take the right ACTIONS based on the right strategies to get you

where you want to go.

Your word for 2016…

… take ACTION and reap the benefits.

Carpe Diem,

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