I Can Teach You to Lose Fat Forever

I Can Teach You to Lose Fat Forever


IMAGINE this scenario…

Imagine that You did NOT have to Settle for More Body Fat and Less Energy, Less Libido, Less Confidence & Less Vitality with each passing year. 

Imagine if you could Lose Fat Forever and wake up each day with the energy, mood and mojo that might have been AWOL for many years.

Imagine that real solutions existed without dangerous drugs or obsessive-compulsive exercise. This by the way does not work as the metabolism resets to preserve fat and hunger and cravings increases.

The proof is easy… check out any big marathon race. Look for back-of-the-pack finishers. To finish they have trained hard for months to actually run 26.2 miles. BUT are often actually overweight. You can not out train the wrong diet.

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Same thing with reality TV show The Biggest Loser. The former  “weight loss success stories” from the Biggest Loser  have wrecked their metabolisms. Other report joint injuries due to overly aggressive exercise that is absolutely NOT needed.


In fact, in a 2016 New York Times story, a study of former The Biggest Loser contestants shows metabolic damage and weight gain.  Many report struggling with hunger, cravings and have regained much of the lost weight despite great efforts.

Here is former Biggest Loser contestant,  Sean Algaier….      29biggest-loser5_6-tmagsf


And below at his new higher weight of 450 pounds  at Providence Road Church of Christ in Charlotte, N.C., where he is a pastor. A metabolic study showed Sean now burns 458 calories fewer than would be expected for man his size.


You can not out-exercise the wrong lifestyle and you do not want to screw up your metabolism.

Imagine a solution that upgrade your knowledge of what really works to JUMP START fat loss, vitality, better lifestyle choices, stress control, sleep, metabolism, muscle and mindset.  This includes how to manage hunger and cravings and support good digestion and good sleep.

Skill power and a flexible strategic system beats will power every time.

Yes, it seems only the elite get this, NFL star QBs like Tom Brady or Drew Brees who are near 40 years old or certain Hollywood stars or Politicians.

Yes, they have access to strategies, tools and techniques that the general public does not. Funny thing is much of the truth is now overlooked due to media misinformation and misleading advertising of our food, diet and weight loss industrial complex 🙂

Yes life is not always fair….

….and I was blessed in the midst of my own health crisis to discover the truth about optimizing our human habits and metabolism to burn, not store, body fat and boost vitality in a safe manner, from the inside out via lifetstyle and health science advances in epigenetics, psychology, physiology, nutrition and other key areas …. So if you want to transform your fitness, health, habits, and vitality with flexible daily options, get in touch to apply for a free phone consult.

…..Now Imagine a natural smarter habit-based solution, crafted by a busy entrepreneur and family man, who was fed up with getting fatter, weaker and more fatigued each year.  The VIP Vitality Coaching and Course programs are designed by busy people for busy people.

But let me be VERY honest….  change is not easy.

Often it unfortunately takes a big event like a major disease or birth of a child to get someone to change (or a death in the family).

The good news is this: there’s a more BETTER way to change that virtually guarantees your success… BUT with a science based step by step plan + support of an experienced coach, YOUR chance of success jump 10X.

Imagine having someone remove the doubts with a step-by-step blueprint + tracking and simple shortcuts to making the right choices.

Because my VIP Vitality coaching  is an intense and personalized for your life , and I guarantee results, as long as you are an action taker, not a cyclical “tire-kicker” who is afraid of change. So I only work with a few select people for this one-to-one private coaching.

Still here?—- OK, next step is easy. Just share with me your information below and we’ll jump on a call to come up with a plan together – the call is free and there’s no obligation to sign up and no sales pressure.

You will know and can decide whether you want to go it alone, or do it with my help and 10X your chances of success.

Contact us for more details and a No-obligation phone consult.

Or if you want to know more, by all means, read on for much more info...

Lady running in the desert at sunset

After years of trial and error and using the 80/20 rule, I eliminated all but the most powerful vitality and fat loss strategies. That´s why you are assured that even only a handful of my flexible VIP Vitality strategies can make an impact if used correctly.

The key is you can choose from the best of the best based on health science, digital tracking and simple psychology to keep your motivation and support new healthy habits.

Now imagine a simple motivating scorecard system and online support and accountability.

Imagine this WITHOUT long hours of crazy exercises, without injuries, without ridiculous starvation diets and without dangerous weight loss pills or potions.

After helping people with health and fitness for 20+ years in Europe, Latin America and the USA, and spending over $67,000.00 consulting with world-class experts, in integrative medicine, nutrition, epigenetic, chrono-biology, fitness, fat loss, productivity, metabolism, natural health, psychology, habits, and even a Hollywood age-management doctor, I have taken my best tools and skills and strategies and put them together…. without any fluff.

This is how my team and I, have created a new simple yet powerful framework, the VIP Vitality Coaching & Course Program.

Now who the heck am I you might rightly ask…  My name is Dan OBeirne and I am an American expat with a Pre-Med / Health Sciences degree who opted out of Med School because I was not excited about well, medicating people. I love to travel, am a science, food & wine geek and speak fluent Spanish (except when my wife is very angry due to me working late, more another day).  In 1998 in Spain I founded what has become a leading luxury travel and tour companies in Spain.

img_2726 img_1535

In the process, I became flabby and fatigued despite doing hours of cardio exercise and eating the supposedly health low fat high carb diet propagated by the US Government and FDA.

After an expensive quest to consult with next generation health experts, I was able to reboot my metabolism, mind and body. This NEW Vitality helped me meet, date marry the woman of my dreams, a Spanish dancer who is nearly a decade younger than me. See us pictured below. You can also see our first son shortly after his birth.

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So Yes I am 100% confident that if you follow my plan (or even 80% of it) You will upgrade your vitality and metabolism to transform from flabby and fatigued to fitter, more focused, more confident version of you 🙂

To do this we offer a simple yet powerful science-based system, support, accountability +  Dan´s motivational VIP VITALITY HABITS scorecard© .


Transform your Habits, Body, Energy & Confidence in as little as 3 weeks

  • Discover my simple daily health habits score card
  • Learn how skill power beats will power every day
  • Discover my simple 15 minute metabolic exercise to burn fat and gain energy
  • Learn a simple yet powerful way to gain productivity
  • My simple way to eat to fit our Stone Age DNA, a key to fitness and focus
  • Weekly training via webinar or teleclass
  • Weekly Live Q&A a few days later.
  • A private group forum for questions & support
  • 1 to 1 Goal setting with Dan OBeirne via Skype weekly for Private Clients


Make no mistake, the benefits of the skills needed to get new better results via our VIP Vitality Coaching & Course is just as valuable to you as the freedom from frustration…..+ freedom from wasting time and energy chasing new shiny objects, wieght loss gadgets of the month or scams that seem to pop up weekly.

Just to be clear, just like get-rich-quick scheme are BS so are get-fit-with-a-pill while eating junk food. My program is SIMPLE by design but does require effort. Thing is once you see the REAL RESULTS, normally in 7 to 10 days, your motivation and confidence tend to grow.


3 options for VIP Vitality

Private Intensive 3 day Program in Spain

Private 1 to 1 Coaching & Course online   

Small Group Coaching & Course options 


So while I spent north of $ 67,000 to consult with experts around Europe and USA and some $50,000 for my university Health Science degree and self study you will not have to spend even half of that.

No forget spending even $20,000…

For a limited time, in order to help more people REBOOT themselves in the next 2 months,

I have created a special offer…

andalucia-granada-spain Private  VIP VITALITY  JUMPSTART in beautiful Spain

+  Premium Private 1 to 1 Online Coaching & Course

is normally from from $14,500 including 3 days in Spain, daily fitness & nutrition coaching, a custom-made lifestyle program to reach your goals,  a luxury accommodations while in Spain, tours, transfers, fitness training.

but the FIRST SEVEN people, will claim their life-changing spot for just  $9997……

This includes 6 weeks of daily email support, trouble shooting +  bi-weekly phone follow up options and tracking accountability via Fitbit or Apple Watch.

….. Act now to get a limited-time VIP Vitality discount of over $4500 only for the first 7 action-takers.

Contact us for more details and a no-obligation phone consult.

1-a-copy-2  Premium Private 1 to 1 Online Coaching & Course

(Online & Phone) is normally priced from $8000…

butthe FIRST SEVEN people, will claim their life-changing spot for just  $5997……

….. a limited-time VIP Vitality discount of over $2000.

This includes 6 weeks of weekly live coaching  calls, live Q & A support, trouble shooting and accountability.

Please contact us for more details and a free phone call consult about your unique situation, so that both of us can be sure this is a good fit.

See this program is Not for everybody but if your are an action taker and teachable you can benefit greatly.

Contact us for more details and a no-obligation phone consult.

_mg_2476  Small Group Online Coaching & Course

Now if you are OK with less personalized attention, then small group coaching group can be very effective. This is ideal if you enjoy hearing of each others problems. We do ask that you keep the interactions positive at all times. If that is aproblem for you then this is not for you. We support our groups this way so people can support one another and feel connected and safe at all times.

For the person being coached in the group, it’s powerful and very attentive. For the listener, they get valuable insights they wouldn’t have gotten by themselves in 1on1 coaching.

The links made between clients in some of the group coaching programs I have been in for business and health have been amazing and a source of fascinating like-minded new friendships.

is normally from $4000…. but the first 10 people can get their spot for $2497

This is an intensive 6 week program.

0winscit4icwo6odx   Contact us for more details and a no-obligation phone consult.


VIP Vitality Coaching & Course ©

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About the Author : Dan

Discover how I went from Flabby, Fatigued and Frustrated.... .....to Fit, Focused and Feeling Great. DESPITE exotic vacations, great food, 2 businesses, 22 minute workouts & a growing family.

  1. Montse January 27, 2017 at 15:24 - Reply

    I am very interested in the premium VIP Vitality or online 1 to 1 plans.
    I know Spain will be amazing with all the beauty, nature and healthy real food!

    Do you have a bi-weekly payment plans?

  2. Dan January 31, 2017 at 12:08 - Reply

    Thanks Montse… I´d be delighted to offer you a FREE phone consult about your goals and obstacles

    Here’s the big problem: change is hard. Very hard.

    And sometimes, it unfortunately takes a very serious event like a disease to get someone to change (or a death in the family). BUT with a science based step by step plan + support of an experienced coach, YOUR chance of success is 10X.

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