Why don’t most people CRAVE Healthy Food?

Why don’t most people CRAVE Healthy Food?


Have you ever considered this key question?….

Why don´t most people CRAVE Healthy Real Foods vs. Edible Factory Creations a.k.a. processed foods?

My experience in coaching people since 1990 is this: once you are off of chemically laced factory foods most notice a shift in food desires.

In my case it can take a month to overcome the cravings, if I was eating lots of junk food. While some of my clients get clean in just a few weeks. It does get much EASIER then to regain a healthy human appetite 🙂

Cravings are highly individual biochemically and are also impacted by emotions like loneliness and sadness, smells, marketing, memories, taste, and nostalgia among other things.

But keep this in mind…. it is not easy to create cravings….

In the labs and focus groups of big food corporations  there are constantly seeking new winners.

The Junk Food Hall of Fame includes cash cows winners like Oreos, Coke, Snickers, M & M, Doritos and many more.

Each one has returned decades of huge profits. This is not easy to do.

Behind the scenes are LOTS of R & D  +  chemical flavour engineering + mouth feel designs and more R & D to craft and market test variations of new possibly addictive “food-like” product winner.

Goal is “Bliss Point” ….. perfect storm of taste, dopamine & serotonin (brain neurotransmitters), mouth feel, and chemicals like MSG + Powerful Marketing.

Get more from industry insiders and food scientist in the short video below.

There’s a science to making addictive food, a practice that convinces us to eat food
that’s bad for us because it tastes so good & stimulates our brain´s reward center.
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