Why Smarter Habits Beat Goals

Why Smarter Habits Beat Goals

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Most of our 2016 New Years Resolutions have disappeared and been forgotten until 2017…..   

It goes like this: we choose a goal that sounds good:  lose 20 pounds or eat healthier.  

BUT without a plan to make time & execute habits, your goals are doomed to failure.

Want to know a proven strategy that actually works for busy people I coach and advise? You can eliminate the pain, the  guilt, lower self-esteem and shame of failing again… and instead gain confidence, personal power and satisfaction. Who wouldn´t want more of that?

So amigo, ready to discover how you can join many busy entrepreneurs and executives who run successful businesses yet are active, fit, productive, focused and healthy?….

The key IMHO is selecting the right core habits for your desired outcomes /goals. This is one of my #1 top secret Metabolic Motivation strategies.


But what if (you say) you have no time?…. I´d ask you to be VERY honest and log how many minutes & hours you spend on messaging, idle negative conversations, video games, other vices or mindless internet surfing. Most people find 2 to 5 hours here if they are brutally honest.

Before you start to add in this new habit, it´s vital for busy people to first subtract something from their schedule. This if often like 1 hour less TV, negative conversations or Facebook ect….

NOW be sure to schedule your new habit, ideally during your morning time. What´s scheduled gets done and vice-versa.

In his book The Power of Habitauthor Charles Duhigg goes deeper about the power of keystone habits.

Keystone habits create a ripple effect in our lives. For example, when somebody decides to start working out for 15 minutes each morning, next they feel motivated to improve their food quality and sleep. 

So they start going to bed earlier and eating healthier. This creates a virtuous cycle and positive momentum into other areas of their life which spills over. The idea behind a keystone habit is pure gold.

So why do I care about this?……    I´ve been coaching / advising busy successful people over 20+ years on fat loss, nutrition, motivation and fitness. I am interested in what works for most people and this starts with avoiding bad thinking  and bad planning. I love empowering people to the power of lifestyle habits.

So what is the one keystone habit YOU will commit to starting today?

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